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BioTE® Medical is committed to excellence in educating doctors and patients about bio-identical hormone pellet therapy. BioTE® Medical is headquartered in Irving, Texas, with hundreds of certified medical practitioners providing pellet therapy nationwide. BioTE® was founded by physicians and is passionate about teaching how hormone balance using the BioTE® method is the ultimate foundation and direction for good health. Our certified BioTE® practitioners and partners provide superior diagnoses and treatments for patients who want to get healthy and/or stay healthy.
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California Medical Weight Management offers an exceptional three-step, physician-supervised medical weight loss program. California Medical Weight Management weight loss centers are committed to helping you reach your weight loss goal quickly, safely and effectively without adverse side effects.
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Providers performing the O-Shot® and P-Shot® are specially trained and part of an elite group. To learn more about the P-Shot® visit the website and to learn more about the O-Shot® visit the website.

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